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whatsapp unable to send audio file error on blackberry classic

Good day,

Have a user with issue of not being able to send voice notes on blackberry classic using whatsapp. ensured the permissions are valid. reinstalled whatsapp. blackeberry updated to the latest version of os.tried using third party apps to record voice and share the file , however no luck. the message we get is sorry, whatsapp cannot send this audio file with an option to cancel.

any suggestions would be of big help.
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Hi  Rajkumar
Open the chat with the person you wish to communicate with
according to whatsapp.
Voice Messaging allows you to send your recorded voice as a message. we encourage you also to spend time reading the articles below to better understand how Voice Messaging works on your smartphone.
How do I use Voice Messaging? Blackberry 10
Sounds as if they are trying to do something their Blackberry can't do if the above is not what they are doing
I haven't done this so I hope it helps you
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Good day,

Installed mp3 voice recorder and whatsapp is able to send files in that format. aaa, m4a and wav were not working at all. Not sure what the format of the file had to do with the sending of files, but it is a workaround that the user seems to have accepted.

Many thanks for the suggestions.
Rajkumar KamathIT Manager


no fix was available , but saving in mp3 format seems to have done the work