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XLSB workbook size increase

Dear all,

I'm creating a macro enabled workbook (.xlsb) in excel for our technicians to use in order to facilitate the making of their reports.
It's still a work in progress but i stumbled on a problem.
Currently the workbook size is 3,694 mb.
When it's used for the first time the size increases to 4,070 mb and the size keeps increasing (+- 20 kb) every time it's used but not as much as the first time it's used.
When the workbook is used they insert all the data that's needed and the necessary documents are printed in pdf.
After the documents are printed, all the inserted data is erased and the workbook closes automatically.
To erase all the inserted data i unload all userforms and clear all  the inserted data on the worksheets like the example below:

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How can i avoid the workbook size increase every time they use it?

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