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Win 10 IOT diskless image

Hi All,

We are trying to create a Windows 10 IOT image that boots via an iSCSI  lun.    

We are successful in doing this with win 7 embedded by installing the Intel i350 (this is where the iSCSI connection is coming from) driver during install.   But with win 10 we have tried using the Microsoft driver as well as the Intel driver and we always end up with Windows complaining of an inaccessible disk when the image unravels.  

We are thinking that some how Win 10 is updating the driver and hosing the image...

Any thoughts on how to fix this?    

We found but are afraid when we sysyprep the image and lay down again we will be back to the BSOD.
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You're including these drivers:

And the Win 10 image you're using post-dates the August 27th release?

Those should be the only pre-requisites.
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We are using the latest drivers for intel.

The Win 10 install-able we just received recently but will check.  I don't see anything in this update that would specifically fix the issue we are seeing...
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OK, so we are pretty certain that this issue is a Windows 10 'unraveling' issue.  

Basically in Win7 after you first setup the install, the system reboots and does some 'reconfiguration', basically getting everything ready for install, install default drivers etc.  For Win7 all is good, for Win 8, 8.1 and 10, not so good.... the OS blue screens, giving an error that the boot device is unaccessible.

We can make an image, install the i350 driver, convert it to a vhdx and then boot from it via iSCSI no issues.  But as soon as the image is syspreped, we are back to the BSOD....

How can we MAKE Windows not change the i350 driver, like it does in Win 7?