Unable to Access sonicwall for remote VPN client to  X1 ip address

Andre P
Andre P used Ask the Experts™
am trying to configure my VPN client (for Mac )but it keeps telling me that the ip address is not a sonic wall firewall appliance.
Im stuck at this point and need some direction .
I have followed the instructions

 but they seem to have left me high and dry on this .
Any assistance would be appreciated
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It should be your public ip then :4433 exp. x.x.x.x:4433

Check out this link and see if it helps any.
Also for a Mac I like to use the sonicwall mobile connect you can download it from the Apple Store and it is free.
Another note you will not be able to connect to the Vpn to test while you are onsite using the same network. You will need to test the Vpn from another network. You can use your cell phone feature teathering wifi or wait until you are remote on another network.
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Sorry I have not abandoned ..will be working on this tomorrow and will report


I configured L2TP and tried to connect using OSX native connection .
Now Im getting authentication failure
I think I am one step closer.
The thing is . I set the user name and pw in the sonic wall under local users ..
Is that not the pw it needs ? How can I tell ?
I use that password and get same error . What am I doing wrong ?
Sounds like you need to go to the users tab on the sonicwall select local groups. Then edit the SSLVPN Services and select the membership tab and add the local users. Then make sure the LAN network is added to the VPN access tab. If you setup LDAP in the future you will need to add it there as well.

Let me know if that works


Got this mesage when I added Lan Subnets .
WHere can i tell which of the many listed here I should be adding ?

Address Object: Adding LAN Subnets to SSLVPN Services05a010b07dcf13d: Address object LAN Subnets overlaps with address object F
Address Object: Adding MLS-Main-Internal IP to SSLVPN Services05a010b07dcf13d: Address object Company -Main-Internal IP overlaps wit


Im still getting authentication failure

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