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FLUKE Network Analyzer - Connecting to a Switch or HUB

As a tech troubleshooter I have a portable Fluke "OneTouch" Network Analyser which I take to various businesses to quickly attach to client networks and look for problems.  Fluke instructions say that you must set the port you connect to to MIRRORING so you see all broadcasting.  

Most times that is not possible as my clients do not have any sort of Tech dept and programming their switches is out of the question.  BUT what I was wondering was if it would be any value in inserting a 5 port HUB between their firewall and their switch.
Althought as I type this I realize it would be of little value......So the question become more OPEN, is there anything anyone can think of to capture broadcast without configuring a mirrored port ?

I could bring along a 24 port Cisco switch to every client but that seems heavy handed and pretty disruptive.  so maby I should just give up the idea of capturing Broadcasts altogether and settle for finding dup IPs, Chatty nics etc
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