Allow some users from certain IP access to openssh on AIX.


We want to allow access to OPenssh to user1, user2 and user3 but ONLY from these IPs:


So access from user1@*, user2@*, user3@*  (any other IP) must be denied.

And all other users/groups can access the system via SSH.

Which do you think is thepossible  combination of:


inside /etc/ssh/sshd_config file?

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Hi Israel,

I think sshd_config's allow/deny stuff cannot do that, unless you were willing to add all your users to the AllowUsers stanza.

But if you have access to the authorized_keys file(s) of the target user(s) you can add a from=.. statement
to the public key entry/entries pertaining to the source user(s).


from="IP1" ssh-rsa AAAAB2...............19Q== user1@hisdomain.tld

You can also use patterns, and there are more options which can be placed into the authorized_keys file.

I think you should read the "authorized_keys File Format" section in the sshd manpage and experiment a bit.
I once had some success using the "command=..." feature which automatically starts the given command
for the respective user and ignores everything else, but I admit I never used "from=..."
CSIA ANAuthor Commented:

I'll take a look to "authorized_keys File Format", but I think it's not what customer wants. At first glance, it seems not to be a solution inside sshd_config file? I have tried with sshd_config but not success.
Let me check "authorized_keys File Format"
No, it's not a solution inside sshd_config.

You could do it via sshd_config and its AllowUsers facility, but then you would have to add all users to that stanza,
user1/2/3 along with their IPs, all other users wildcarded or without IP.

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CSIA ANAuthor Commented:
OK.. I'll take a look at ssh keys.

Thanks again wmp..

Have a good day!
Thx for the points and have a good day, too!

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