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Debug "Incorrect syntax near 'FileType'Col"

The first section works fine, but after that, I get an error in this section below. The equals sign looks like it's highlighted. I need to add many more SET statements. How do i avoid the error?

set [FileTypeCol] = 'File Type2'

use [database]

update table
set [FileTypeCol] = 'File Type1'
from table
where [FileTitle] like '%FileType1%'
   or [Content Title] like '%file-type1%'
   or [Content Title] like '%file Type 1%'
   or [Content Title] like '%File_Type1%'

set [FileTypeCol] = 'File Type2'
from table
where [FileTitle] like '%filetyp2%'
   or [Content Title] like '%file_type2%'

set [FileType] = 'File Type 3'
from table
where [FileTypeCol] like '%filetype3%'
   or [Content Title] like '%FileType3%'

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Even line 1 is missing the UPDATE TABLE. There is no such thing as a set command for fields, you can only set variables like this, SET field=value always is the clause of an SQL-UPDATE first specifying the table to update.

Bye, Olaf.
>Debug "Incorrect syntax near 'FileType'Col"
>How do i avoid the error?
Also in the future when you copy-paste a code block where the error occured, tell us the line number of the error, making sure that it translates to the EE code block numbers.
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I believe there was a copy-paste error when the admin added my code to the code block. My original code goes from line 3 to line 21. That said, thank you for the feedback. Lots of helpful information. Jim, the code worked after I made the changes you recommended. Thanks!
Thanks for the grade.  Good luck with your code.  -Jim