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All files become MP3 format (Ransomware teslacryrt 3.0)

Hi All,

I'm getting desktop and server having issue on all the files in PC and server become MP3 Format.

Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows XP service pack 3.

Please help or advise.

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Stop all activity immediately, and disconnect from network! Restore the PC and the touched server files from a backup. There is no means to get the encrypted data back directly - even paying the ransom is no guarantee.
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Indeed quickly isolate your machine unconnect the network as ransomware also encrypt mapped drive files and can go into extend of doing it even if unmapped to network drive. Isolate those usb stick or ext storage media used with this machine.

Do not pay the ransomware and avoid getting the decrypting tool as it may also be laden with malware unless you get from trusted website like those of AV minimally. Scan it before usage and no point bruteforcing to get back files and the inly means is retrieve from your backup...hopefully it is still exists..

Do see the guidance from below which covers most of the mentioned already.

Suggest that you also scan the machine using malwarebytes anti malware. Change your online and internal account password esp including those shared account and those using the same password.

Check out cryptoprevent and malwarebytes anti ransomware tool to prevent recurrences. Also I suggest removal of all admin rights from user account and enforce application whitelisting using those tools otherwise use applocker.

Here us another compilation of removal toolkit
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Hi Btan,

Thanks for your suggestions. I am trying your method, and will get back to you about the outcome.
Hi Btan,

Those affected folder/file can't be decrypted. Even using malwarebyte, spybot, and other utilities do not help.
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Thanks for Expert - Btan, for his valuable time and knowledge. The damage was done, we will pay more attentions to the path that he mentioned for any suspicious trails of "happening".
Thanks glad to have helped