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@SETFIELD from LOOKUP showing incorrect decimal number dependant on region.

Using the below code, I am performing a lookup on a view.
The ConversionRate field is set to the rate found in the view.
Dependant on region this figure appears differently.

Selection := @Prompt([OkCancelList]; "Select Conversion"; "Click the Required Conversion"; "1" ; @DbLookup("Notes" : "Recache"; "" : ""; "(Validman1)"; "Conversion Rates"; 2) + " / " + @DbLookup("Notes" : "Recache"; "" : ""; "(Validman1)"; "Conversion Rates"; 3));

@SetField("LocalCur"; @LeftBack(Selection; " / "));
@SetField("ConversionCur"; @RightBack(Selection; " / "));

@SetField("ConversionRate"; @TextToNumber(@DbLookup( "Notes" : "ReCache" ; "" ; "(Validman3)" ; "Conversion Rates**/**"+LocalCur+"**/**"+ConversionCur;4)));

@SetField("LocCurSym"; @DbLookup( "Notes" : "ReCache" ; "" ; "(Validman3)" ; "Conversion Rates**/**"+LocalCur+"**/**"+ConversionCur;2));
@SetField("ConCurSym"; @DbLookup( "Notes" : "ReCache" ; "" ; "(Validman3)" ; "Conversion Rates**/**"+LocalCur+"**/**"+ConversionCur;3));


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I have check that the view displays in the exact same format for each region and it does.
I have tried changing the field properties (Number, decimal, user setting) but it seems to make no difference.
Tried custom display, and scientific the scientific shows the correct value but with +E4 on the end.

Anyone know how to adjust the field to always set the field to the same format.

FYI the regions where UK vs. Brazil.
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