Inherited sheet - How do I make "total line" move dynamically

Patrick O'Dea
Patrick O'Dea used Ask the Experts™
See this video which explains all in 30 seconds.

I have been given a sheet and asked if I can replicate the functionality.
Specifically, there is a total line in a sheet.  
When I drag the details lines to expand the range then the total also moves down.

The video explains it best.
How do I achieve this?
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Group Finance Manager
It looks like a Table. Click into the last row and tab through the cells. It will create a new line with the Total Row below.  Select a cell in the Table then look in the Home Tab. If it is a Table then the Table Tools will be visible. If not choose Format as table

If not attach the WorkBook or look in the Tab.


Thanks Roy,

I just got it !

it is a table and the "Design" tab allows a total function which achieves this effect.
Roy CoxGroup Finance Manager

Glad to help

You can change the Functions in the Total Row for SUM, COUNT etc. Click in the cell and a drop down appears
its just a table with  a total row
select some data in your sheet, and go to home tab and format as table, go to the last row and go to design tab and select TOTAL ROW
now yo0u can scroll/fill your values in last column and thats what you want

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