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Greetings. We plan to have AT&T fiber installed from our MPOE in the garage up to our server room (4th floor).  AT&T tells us that if the building management requires floor "risers", then we would need to have that in place first.

Our building management does not have that requirement.

Our building maintenance dude tells us that there is a 20-foot section of the garage where conduit is not available and that each floor's Telco room does not have conduit (I presume this is what they mean by "risers").

Is it safe to have fiber installed with that 20-foot gap in the basement and no additional protection in each Telco room ?  I understand that it isn't just a thin fiber cable, but some sort of thick, rubber protecting sheathing.

Should we pay to ensure that conduit to protect the fiber is available from the MPOE all the way to our server room ?  We're not so much worried about theft/destruction as much as protection (earthquakes, truck in the garage, etc.).

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So its just not protection from something hitting the fiber or breaking the fiber it also protection from the elements and temperature highs and lows. There is not doubt that leaving the fiber exposed will degrade the usefulness of the fiber over time. I would add the conduit increasing the lifetime of the fiber. I can remember a couple years back installing unprotected fiber inside an enclosed building, but not in the temperature controlled areas. The fiber was installed into chases, it only last ~5-6 years so we had to redo the entire project.

I assume the garage is exposed to the weather and temperature changes. Even tough it may be under roof there will still be temperature swings which age the fiber. I would external grade fiber. Hopefully the cost will justify the project, but remember that you may need to redo the fiber in 5-6 years.

harbor235 ;-}
Chris HInfrastructure Manager

See if your landlord will knock off the costs incurred from your rent.  Unprotected fibre has this uncanny ability to get cut.
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting
There does exist protected fiber but it is much thicker and more expensive. For a 20ft section I would devinately add conduit instead of trying to make the whole run protected fiber.


Some excellent advice. Thank you both.

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