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Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 and Machine Creation Services error

I have a Proof of Concept using XenDesktop 7.6.  I've created a masterimage and I'm trying to spin up a machine catalog using MCS.

It's errorring out with the following:

Error Id: XDDS:E2699DED

    Citrix.Console.Models.Exceptions.ProvisioningTaskException Image Preparation Finalization Failed
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.CheckForTerminatingError(SdkProvisioningSchemeAction sdkProvisioningSchemeAction)
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeTask.WaitForProvisioningSchemeActionCompletion(Guid taskId, Action`1 actionResultsObtained)
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeCreationTask.StartProvisioningAction()
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.ProvisioningSchemeService.BackgroundTasks.ProvisioningSchemeCreationTask.RunTask()
       at Citrix.Console.PowerShellSdk.BackgroundTaskService.BackgroundTask.Task.Run()
    DesktopStudio_ErrorId : UnknownError
    ErrorCategory : NotSpecified
    ErrorID : ImagePreparationFinalizationFailed
    TaskErrorInformation : Terminated
    InternalErrorMessage : Image preparation step 'BuildPvdInventory' failed.
    DesktopStudio_PowerShellHistory : Create Machine Catalog 'Windows 10 with PVD'
    2/23/2016 1:53:04 PM
    Get-LogSite  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80"
    Start-LogHighLevelOperation  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -Source "Studio" -StartTime "2/23/2016 8:38:12 PM" -Text "Create Machine Catalog `'Windows 10 with PVD`'"
    New-BrokerCatalog  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -AllocationType "Permanent" -Description "Office 2016, SIP SF, HDX Mon, VDA, Receiver" -IsRemotePC $False -LoggingId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -MinimumFunctionalLevel "L7_6" -Name "Windows 10 with PVD" -PersistUserChanges "OnPvd" -ProvisioningType "MCS" -Scope @() -SessionSupport "SingleSession"
    New-AcctIdentityPool  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -AllowUnicode -Domain "mypc.local" -IdentityPoolName "Windows 10 with PVD" -LoggingId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -NamingScheme "XD7-W10-PVD-###" -NamingSchemeType "Numeric" -OU "OU=Windows 10,OU=XD7POC,OU=Devices,DC=mmi,DC=local" -Scope @()
    Set-BrokerCatalogMetadata  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -CatalogId 32 -LoggingId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -Name "Citrix_DesktopStudio_IdentityPoolUid" -Value "4f22c950-dc00-4b34-843e-59aa88f34898"
    New-HypVMSnapshot  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -LiteralPath "XDHyp:\HostingUnits\XD7POC-Win10\Win10-MasterImage-POC.vm" -LoggingId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -SnapshotName "Citrix_XD_Windows 10 with PVD"
    Test-ProvSchemeNameAvailable  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -ProvisioningSchemeName @("Windows 10 with PVD")
    New-ProvScheme  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -CleanOnBoot -HostingUnitName "XD7POC-Win10" -IdentityPoolName "Windows 10 with PVD" -LoggingId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -MasterImageVM "XDHyp:\HostingUnits\XD7POC-Win10\Win10-MasterImage-POC.vm\Citrix_XD_Windows 10 with PVD.snapshot\Citrix_XD_Windows 10 PVD.snapshot\Citrix_XD_Windows 10 with PVD.snapshot\Citrix_XD_Windows 10 with PVD.snapshot" -NetworkMapping @{"0"="XDHyp:\HostingUnits\XD7POC-Win10\\"} -PersonalVDiskDriveLetter "P" -PersonalVDiskDriveSize 10 -ProvisioningSchemeName "Windows 10 with PVD" -RunAsynchronously -Scope @() -UsePersonalVDiskStorage -VMCpuCount 2 -VMMemoryMB 4096
    Stop-LogHighLevelOperation  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -EndTime "2/23/2016 8:53:03 PM" -HighLevelOperationId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -IsSuccessful $False
When I click to submit it to Citrix, it comes back that DCHP is not enabled.  DHCP is working perfectly and I've tested.  I can find nothing else on this error.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Brian Murphy
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I've seen this before when the service account used by PVS has permissions assigned using the delegation tool.  This was in a 2008 R2 mixed mode domain.  

For some reason we had to give the service account full control to that OU where you have it defined to spin up new machine accounts.

On the DHCP, did you set the IP HELPER address on the segment where you are turning up the virtual machines?

Three, when using something like vCenter SDK and vSphere the account must have specific rights or assigned a ROLE in VMWare.  

Machine creation services uses the Hypervisor heavier than Provisioning Services.

It is failing during the image preparation phase.  

Do you have a visual on the hypervisor that is being used to see if the snapshot is created and new machines are added to the hypervisor?

What about AD?  

This is happening after the Connection to the HyperVisor so the assumption are permissions being correct and that is not always the case.  It can work 99% and be missing that 1% permission to finish up.

I've covered some of these issues here:

Also, your doing a private disk and separate?  
PersonalVDiskDriveLetter "P" -PersonalVDiskDriveSize 10 -ProvisioningSchemeName "Windows 10 with PVD" -RunAsynchronously -Scope @() -UsePersonalVDiskStorage -VMCpuCount 2 -VMMemoryMB 4096
    Stop-LogHighLevelOperation  -AdminAddress "mypc-xdtc01-phx.mypc.local:80" -EndTime "2/23/2016 8:53:03 PM" -HighLevelOperationId "d9a7fa06-9097-428b-8a14-747045dc2c52" -IsSuccessful $False

Do you have more than one LUN presented to MCS in the Connection?  Did you choose to keep the VHDX and private disk on the same LUN?
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The service account we are using is spinning up VMs in other machine catalogs on the same controller.

All machines can pull IP addresses as we can create VMs manually and they pull IPs from DHCP.

The snapshot is creatd and the machine is created.  I can see the 80 gig disk in the new folder in vcenter.

On the pvdisk...there is only one LUN and the pvdisk is living in the same location as the vmdk.
Well.  On the others did you use PvD?  

Just curious if you updated the PvD before creating the image?
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No, I didn't use PVD on the others.  This is my first attempt at MCS with PVD.  The Master image....I'm logged in now and when I tried to reboot it, it told me my PVD inventory needed to be updated before I could reboot.

I wonder if I uninstall the VDA on my master image and reinstall it without the PVD option if that will work?
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Brian Murphy
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Brian, it has something to do with the PVD.  I created one without a PVD and it works great!

Thank you.  I'm going to go to 7.7
Good deal.  I would not be surprised if you see 8.0 very soon!