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2 in 1 System? NAS inside your computer tower shared with WIN 10?

I know this question may be kind of "out there"...I have never tried it, it's just a thought and theory, so please let me know if I'm way off?
However, is it possible to have a high end Window 7/10 computer with an internal NAS also? Let's assume you have a 6 core i7, 32GB RAM.

Could you setup a NAS inside the same system using the same motherboard, etc. However, you would have 4-10 NAS WD RED drives in a RAID (5, 10 or whatever your preference is), plus maybe a small SSD for the NAS OS, let's just keep it simple and say FreeNAS.

You would then have a completely separate HD or SSD for Windows 10. You would make the WIN 10 drive be the primary boot device.

In theory, shouldn't Windows be able to see it, and other computers on your network be able to map to it?

Would this even work, or does it need to be a separate external independent system for it to work?
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