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I have a strange problem, I am not sure if anyone seen something like this. I wanted at least discuss it because it seems very strange.

I have a network with a Win2003 server as a domain controller and some 30 Windows 7 workstations. The server is mainly a file-sharing server. In addition it functions as a DHCP and DNS and the DNS uses opendns.
Today I had one workstation installed new and decided to put on windows 10 instead of windows 7.
All was fine but when I disable the network connection on this new Windows 10 computer and than enable it again, the server looses its internet connection and of course so do all the workstations including the new win10 machine.
If I reboot the server all is ok again. This said, only the internet is off but the actual local network keeps on working fine.
However, I can actually reaped this example and it happens every time.

I never had anything like this happen and I am troubleshooting and wondered if anyone heard of something like this and maybe has a pointer.

This server is running for 5 years without issues. I do not believe it is actually the server but instead that either some firewall is triggered or the DSL modem. I know it is a long-shot but anyone had anything like this happen?

Best wishes,
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ZombieAutopsy81IT Manager/Network Administrator

Definitely check for any bad switches. I just recently had an issue where a switch went bad and it caused my other switches to go offline.

I'm sure you've gone through this as well but make sure you have the latest drivers and firmware etc for the server.


Thanks for the comment. I checked all switches but the strange part is that even the server internet is down and the DSL is directly connected.
So I determined it must be the actual VDSL modem or the router from the provider.
Still it is just very strange that when I deactivate the network adapter in the Windows 10 machine and enable it again the internet goes down and I have to restart the server. I will do more testing and see what I come up with.

I will also see if there is any firmware update for the modem and router.

Thank you for the feedback.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)
Check your nic on the server itself it is failing
IT Manager/Network Administrator
If there are dual NIC's on it try the other on too.


Thank you both for the ideas. I have not really resolved this but I just do not disconnect my network adapter on my computer anymore so it should be fine. I will investigate further when I have some time.

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