How to create a template with excel 2010?

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I open a log.csv file and convert text in column A to columns. I don't want to do it every times I open a log file. Is possible to keep the format by creating a kind of template?
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an you provide a file
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Rather than opening the file, use the Data Import tool to pull in the data. When done once, the import should remember your settings.

Goto Data Tab > Get External Data > From Text

Follow the Wizard through to find your CSV file. This should set up a connection to the file and when the file changes you should be able to refresh the connection to get the new data.

Alternatively, if the data is in fixed width columns; you could use a sheet of MID function formulae to split and then you can copy and paste as values elsewhere.

Open a csv file, then turn on the macro recorder and perform your actions. When done, turn off the macro recorder. Customize the ribbon by inserting your new macro on a custom tab.

 The macro recorder is at the very bottom left of the Excel window. Customize the ribbon by selecting the drop down arrow on the quick access toolbar and select customize the ribbon. Select macros (left side) to find your macro. Create a custom ribbon or group (right side) and then drag your macro from left side to your custom tab or group. Make sure your custom tab is checked then close the dialog.


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