Can´t unistall Exchange 2010

I migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016, I am trying to unistall Exchange, demote my "old" server to performe a clean install and then install Exchange 2016 and migrate it back to the "old" server.

Everything is migrated to the new server and I am trying to unistall Exchange 2010 on the old server, when trying, I get the following error:

An error occurred while running the test. The computer may be out of memory, or the XML files have been modified.
 Parameter name: ConfigurationFileLocation

Also in Exchange Shell I run the following: Test-SystemHealth
And I get the same error.
Can someone help me?
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I migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016, I am trying to unistall Exchange, demote my "old" server to performe a clean install and then install Exchange 2016 and migrate it back to the "old" server.
Unable to understand what you are trying to do ?

Can you explain in simple language please
Are you trying to uninstall exchange 2010 and on same box are you trying to install ex 2016?

have you followed proper steps before uninstalling exchange 2010?

Firstly, move all your mailboxes to 2016 server
add new send connector to ex 2016
point your mx to 2016 server
change dns records - autodiscover and records to point to ex 2016
move all arbitration mailboxes hosted on ex 2010 to ex 2016 -
New-MoveRequest DiscoverySearchMailbox* -TargetDatabase "EX16 Database"
Get-Mailbox -Database "name" -Arbitration | New-MoveRequest -TargerDatabase "name"

Then delete exchange database from ex 2010, point new ex 2016 database to new OAB generation server (ex 2016)
Then restart ex 2010 server once and then try to demote / uninstall it
Jakob DigranesSenior advisorCommented:
as Mahesh mentions, have you removed all databases, oabs and public folder databases from old server? what versionb of EX2010 are you running? hopefully SP3 RU11
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marpanetAuthor Commented:
Sorry for my bad English...

I already did all steps mentioned above..  I have removed all databases, oabs, public folder databases from old server..  everything is pointing to the new server and in the new server.
The old server has SPE3 RU12.
I was thinking in removing the RU12 update but I am scared because before RU12 we had RU7, so I don´t know if it will break my Exchange 2016 in me new server.
so you have installed RU12 on top of RU7, if that installation had done successfully in past (I thought you did it successfully as you have already running on Ex 2016) , then you don't have to worry
You may shutdown Ex 2010 for couple of days and check if everything working as expected
Once you guarantee that everything is working fine without Exchange 2010, you can go ahead and simply uninstall Exchange 2010
Exchange RUs are cumulative in nature and you can install RU12 after SP3 directly, so it won't create any issues

Even if you failed to uninstall exchange 2010 box you can simply remove box from your environment directly and then do cleanup from adsiedit.msc, that's the last step and you will find blog post for that, but that should be last option

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marpanetAuthor Commented:
I already turned off Exchange 2010 and everything Works fine....
The problem is when I try to uninstall Exchange 2010, it won´t let me.....  I am trying to find out the problem, my last resource is to manually remove Exchange 2010.
marpanetAuthor Commented:
I give up....  I will try to Demote the server first, then, remove via adsiedit.msc the old exchange server, then I will format the server.... then I will install Windows 2012 and install Exchange again.

Do you think there will be a problem if I use the same server name after formating?
Jakob DigranesSenior advisorCommented:
please - do not use same server name. It might get you into trouble. A whole lot of Exchange information is stored in AD, you might not get rid of all by demoting or through ADSI edit
marpanetAuthor Commented:
marpanetAuthor Commented:
Thank for your comments, I couldn’t uninstall Exchange 2010, so, I had to Demote the old server, then format and reinstall Windows 2012, I used another different name so it will not cause problems in the future, I will remove all metadata using ADSI edit.

Thank you,
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