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Using a Visio 2007 file


We have a database diagram that was started in Visio 2007.  The person working on this is no longer on our project. All of our versions were upgraded to Visio 2013 by our IA.  We are now unable to edit the file created using Visio 2007.  Is there a way to upgrade the version created in 2007?  Or other possible solutions to our problem.

It is the Entity Framework Database Diagram Stencil.  

Thank You!
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Scott Helmers
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I assume that you can open the diagram in Visio 2013? And that you have access to the shape data? But that the database-specific features from the Visio 2007 template are unavailable?

If so, your best option is probably to recreate the diagram, perhaps by exporting the data from the old shapes and then importing it into new shape -- and I'm guessing that is what's behind this question?
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We cannot edit the shapes using the Entity Framework stencils. We can open the file but cannot edit the data.  

The database diagram was not complete so now I'm stuck with re-creating a new diagram using the new stencils with 2013.  A lot of work lost!  

From reading blogs a lot of people are unhappy that this feature was removed. I am new to Visio and am just trying to figure out the best way to approach this problem.  

Is there a way to export the data from the Visio Entity Framework Shapes (used to be a table at the bottom where you could enter in the database information - or so I'm told).  It doesn't look like this was stored in the Shape Sheet Data but somewhere else?

I'm not sure about extracting data from those shapes because I never used that particular template in the prior versions of Visio. However, I would be willing to take a look at the diagram. If the file doesn't contain any proprietary or confidential information, feel free to upload it here. If you prefer not to make it public, you'll find my email address at the end of my EE profile.
Thanks for the offer, I actually found an old copy of Visio and am going to finish the database diagram using that version.
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