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Stupid question.  I am not familiar with google aps email.  I inherited a website (with emails) that I will be redesigning.  What do I need to do to "move" emails over?
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In "simple terms", you just need to point the mx records*.

* Pro tip - if they are on a shared service service and have the name server pointed to the shared service, you will want to get the name server back to the registrar, then point the A record to the web site and mx and other records as needed.  Doing this will take down the site for a 10 minutes (THEY say it can take up to 48 hours or more but I have not seen that in a long time)

To help ensure email gets to an inbox and not spam, set up DKIM and SPF records as well.

If the registrar is a major player such as godaddy, google makes this easy for you where they utilize API's for that registrar to automate the process.  You just need to supply google with the account and password for godaddy or other registrar and the mx, spf and dkim get set up automatically.

When google apps first came out, the instructions were difficult and it took me a couple of hours to move a domain.  Now it is 30 minutes or less IF you can get access to the registrar.  Many times the client has lost that info.

If the nameserver is pointing to the web host, make sure you can host the dns with the registrar instead.  I think some shared hosts require the nameserver to point to them.  You can still use google apps for work, but you will need to manage the dns with the host. This works, but not optimal.  If that host goes down, then so does the mail. The registrar like godaddy will be more reliable.  It also allows you to easily change hosts without worrying about loosing email or email being down.


Thanks for the details!

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