Server loges in with a temp profile

In EE Foxluv refers to method 1 from Link
Which I already tried and did not work
In EE article recommends to delete the ProfileImagePath Join to Workgroup and Join back to the Domain.
Did so and did not help
In EE article Will Szymkowski recommends to delete %systemdrive%\users\ folder by open cmd/ sysdm.cpl/ advance tab /under User Profiles click the Settings button/ all profiles located in there delete them, as recommended On
I deleted all but the temp Profile cannot be deleted because it is in use. Did not help.
In EE article Philip Elder recommends that if Foxluv solution does not work that means user profile is really corrupted and Operating System is not reading it properly. So, run the check disk for partition which is having user profile.
I did this and did not help.
He suggest logion as a DIFFERENT admin. Rename the folder C:\Users\Admin to C:\Users\Admin.123. Make sure there are no folders named C:\Users\MTAdmin (upper and lower case DOES NOT matter). Again CRITICAL – reboot. He refers to article
I did not follow this exactly but deleted ALL folders except TEMP which cannot be deleted as it is in use. Did not help.
The author claims he 1. I logged in as "mta" - a new user account as domain administrator" that I created in AD Users and Computers. 2. The account in question is "MTAdmin". 3. In registry ProfileList, I deleted the following keys that corresponds to C:\Users folder names.
S-1-5-21-2450739672-124276001-2845873236-1156      C:\Users\MTAdmin
S-1-5-21-2450739672-124276001-2845873236-1162      C:\Users\TEMP 4. When I tried to delete C:\Users\TEMP, it was said to be "In Use", so I rebooted the server. 5. After the reboot, I logged in as "mta" and was able to delete C:\Users\TEMP folder. 6. I logged off and logged in as "mtadmin". 7. I checked C:\Users folder and I don't see C:\Users\Temp folder anymore.
Did, except did not create a new user, rather logged in as a local user. And did not help.
It was also showing error 6001 which can cause not to load the user profile on logon as in
I added memory. Re did all above and did not help.
I added an administrator. domainname folder in users/ (there was only an administrator account without the .domainname pointed the register kay to it.
either did not help
I also noticed a mgs that at start up there where some server features that where trying to install and could not so I installed them. Re did the above and
Did not help.
I am already on this issue almost the entire week please help.
Abraham DeutschIT professionalAsked:
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WORKS2011Managed IT Services, Cyber Security, BackupCommented:
I had the same thing happen before and the only way I was able to recover the machine was to restore from backup. Not likely what you want to hear but at some point the time it takes to restore is shorter than troubleshooting. You may be at this point? How do your backups look? If they're solid I would restore the machine.

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Abraham DeutschIT professionalAuthor Commented:
After so much effort to trouble shoot I came to the conclusion you suggest. But if it can be fixed it would not be the right thing to do. So I'm happy to hear that sometimes in this case there is nothing to do so I'll go back to a backup without a guilt feeling
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