Port forwarding on Netgear FVS338

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I am having all kinds of trouble with setting up port forwarding on this netgear firewall (FVS338). I am trying to port forward to a Ubiquiti NVR and I have done this dozens of times before. However, I have never done it with this type of router. That being said I have a good understand of networking and port forwarding but this router will not open these ports. When I try to access the camera system from outside the network its a no go. Last thing, there is a server onsite that I did not install it was there before I started to manage the IT. Best I can tell it is only handling DHCP and DNS on this network. Firewall is disabled on the server,
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I looked at it really quickly but it appears that you first have to establish the Service:

So, you first go to Security / Services and create a Service.
It appears that this establishes the incoming target port number - the one that would be addressed from the outside world at your public IP address.

Then it appears you go to Security / Firewall / LAN WAN Rules and set up an Inbound Service.
This sets the LAN IP address(es) target and the port number at the target / "server".

I hope this puts you on the right track.


We had missed a radio button in the configuration of the port forwarding. Corrected that and all started working.

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