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sort this file using out-of-the-box Redhat Linux tools

Dear script writers,

Is there a way to sort the data in the attached file (using a script) where the oldest data is on the top, and the latest data is at the bottom? It would have to processed, keeping the "blocks" of data together and using the date info from the ".ER" lines.

A ".ER" line is the begining of a block of data. The spacing and format of the data can't be changed. Just need to blocks sorted. The date information is in the "ER" lines, as as follows:
.ER LAWV2    0224 E DC201602241659/DH19/HGIFF/DIH6

Tools must be out of the box Redhad Linux. I know I have python, awk, shell script stuff. Whatever works the best...

Thanks for your help!
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Excellent job. Thank you so much!  One thing I forgot to mention is that sometimes there are 5 lines of data, and sometimes there are 6 lines. But it looks like you took that into account, and the script works perfectly. Thanks again!