Direct Specific Users to Specific Remote Desktop Servers server 2012

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I am looking for a way to provide my end users with one address for the terminal server farm. At logon, they are directed to a specific terminal server in the farm based on their AD Group. IS this possible in 2012?
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Not if you have one big farm, no.
You can define multiple collections (farms are dead in 2012) instead of one large collection. And then publish the collections to RDWeb filtered by AD group, so certain groups would only see certain collections. Then they only have to remember the RDWeb address. But that is about as close as you can get to the functionality you describe. There is no way to have the connection broker redirect connections based on AD group after the fact.


Sorry for the long delay in response. I appreciate all the help.
Cliff, multiple rdweb addresses are what we are specifically trying to avoid, unfortunately.
Arana, that post doesn't really offer a solution.

So it looks like this is the golden ticket with no solution. Alas.
@jp_TechGroup I was talking about this one () not what the user wanted either but thats what he endded up doing instead :

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