Partition software for Server 2008 R2

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I need to repartition the hard drive in the server.  It has Raid 1.

I am looking for recommendation on what software to use.
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Ben Personick (Previously QCubed)Lead SaaS Infrastructure Engineer

windows 2008 R2 allows you to shrink and expand the volumea on the fly usjng disk management.  easy peasy.

right clixk my computer manager, go to disk managemwnr clixk the volume in question, you can see all the partitions on the volume, and expand and shrink them as needed.
as far as windows is seeing it as a single Disk(in backend it could b array of 1+n with any raid configure) then you can perform the volume Shrink & expand only the fly


I have 3 partitions

The last partition is the largest and has 260+ GB available, it's the data volume.  When I run Shrink Volume, it says there is no space available to shrink

When I run shrink volume on either of the other 2 partitions it shows available space to shrink, Any suggestions
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what is the partition type...Extended or primary

if it is extended partition the free up space will not help u as u will not be able to merge it to primary partition..... you will have to redo the entire partitioning (backup of data is needed here)
aditya BodapatiSenior Systems Engineer

Are you trying to shrink more than 50% of available space in those partitions if so try using less. Or else use third party tools to shrink. It will not take shrink more than 50% of available space. As os uses mgmt information on those partitions... using third party tools like AMOEwill solve your issue.


No, it's not an extended volume

The partition is 780GB in size with 260GB in available and I want to shrink it by 15GB

I'm not familiar AMOE, what does that stand for?
Senior Systems Engineer
Commented: it's a freeware download the partition assistant and shrink or repatition the drives ....
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Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a good product for this, but as all products built for servers, it isn't free:

Another, good, free product is GParted. It comes as LiveCD or bootable USB stick, you can't run from within the OS, you have to boot from it:


thanks for the help

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