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Cisco RV042 DHCP Problem

I have a Cisco RV042G setup as a DHCP Server and have added most of my hardware devices with static IP addresses. But even after adding in all of the devices with a static IP, I am still seeing odd behavior from the router. Here are the main issues I am seeing:

1. Some devices that are setup with a static IP address still show up when I click on "Show unknown MAC addresses." For example, I have an AppleTV setup with a static IP, the MAC address is entered and the AppleTV displays the correct IP address as I have entered in the static IP table. But still when I view a list of unknown MAC addresses, the AppleTV is listed. How can the device show up in both tables? If I have assigned a static IP to the MAC address, that should, by default, preclude that IP address from being unknown.

2. DHCP Status never shows the right number of connected devices and almost never shows any devices in the client table. Occasionally there will be one or two devices listed, but I have 20-30 listed in my static IP table. I cannot figure out why the client table would not show all connected devices.

Can someone help me with these two questions? I haven't determined that these issues are causing any performance problems with my network, but I am quite concerned about the inconsistency in the DHCP information.

My hardware is RV042G v01 running firmware v4.2.3.07 (Oct 8 2015 15:29:55).

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