ext js Form.Submit always returns failure

Stephen Forero
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Good Morning All,

 I am trying a very basic form.submit and for some reason it ALWAYS comes back as failure.
 Also using a local webservice in .NET.

 I must be missing something very basic... or maybe something with the way the data is coming back.

 I have attached few pictures to show how I am attempting:

 image1 - form.submit
 image2 - service.cs
 image3 - how I am returning result from .NET webservice locally

 Apologies for the images... for some reason cutting and pasting code is not working.

 Thank you!
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could you share a test page to see what happen ?
finally got it.  it was a combination of returning a bad format of json, it should have returning the object directly, not a string version. then also adding a global.asax file to webservice and editing httpcontext headers in application_beginrequest


found answer and posted solution

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