PowerPoint looping action keeps stopping

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I am using PowerPoint 2013.  I have a windows XP machine, (and a Windows 10 machine that acts the same way) that I am having trouble getting the PowerPoint slide show to continue at the end.  It wants to keep going to the "End of slide show, Click to exit".

I have the "Slide Show / Set up Slide Show" option set to "Browsed at a kiosk (full screen).  And, the "Loop continuously until Esc" selected.
I have the slide show file saved as a ".ppsx" file type and it is being played with PowerPoint Viewer.

Am I missing another setting somewhere?
I even made a new slide show with just a single number on each of the 4 pages to see if it would cycle thru and it still does the same thing.
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Do you have automatic transitions set for each slide?
Jamie GarrochSenior Technical Consultant at BrightCarbon

Just tried the same thing and it works on my machine with PowerPoint 2010 Viewer. It loops automatically from the last slide to the first slide - as long as there is a transition time set for each slide (Transitions / Timing / Advance Slide / After / X seconds)


Not sure where that is at.
I have the "Advance Slide" set at "After 00:10:00"

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Ah nuts. Ignore that suggestion! 00:10.00 should be ten seconds.
Solved the problem.  Took a lot of exploring and trials, but apparently there is a bug in the PowerPoint Viewer.

I found this in a blog.

But the free Microsoft PowerPoint viewer has a similar problem, resulting in that same black slide. Even when you set your slide show setting to run continuously. This is a bug in the current Microsoft PowerPoint viewer. To fix this problem, you need to apply this service pack.


After applying the SP, the problem went away.
Nice find!
John WilsonCEO PowerPoint Alchemy

And just to add this was fixed in a SP nearly five years ago BUT the download site still has the old version which is many years old!


I found the answer in an on-line blog.

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