How can I assign parameters by Domain\User

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Current Environment
1. I have a report named ReportA.
2. I have created a linked Report from the ReportA named ReportAL

I need to allow specific users to view only specific parameters in the parameters drop down.

In ReportA I have ParameterA
ParameterA Drop Down List looks like:


This works well.
However, in the Linked Report ReportAL I would like a specific user to only view:

ParameterAL Drop Down List to look like:


This is where I need assistance - A User based parameter filter in the report how can I do this?
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Jason clarkDBA Freelancer

While there's no way to connect to multiple servers as different users in a single instance of SSMS, what you're looking for is the following RUNAS syntax:

runas /netonly /user:domain\username program.exe


Jason thx for the reply.

What you are stating above is regarding running any application as  a particular user.

But what  I am looking for is running only SSRS reports and within the report designate
have a user parameter and based on the user he is allowed to see only particular aspects
through security or visibility.

I am going to keep this ticket as unanswered for now.
DBA Freelancer
Here you may find that how to control the dynamically filtering in SQL Server. Please go this one it may be helpful to you.

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