the file format and extension don't match if excel attachment

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I'm sending an excel file as an attachment. the file is generated from an HTML table and when I open it, I receive a warning message stating: "the file format and extension don't match....."

here's my code:

string html = "<table><tr><td>Test</td></tr></table>";

System.Net.Mime.ContentType ct = new System.Net.Mime.ContentType("application/");
Attachment a = Attachment.CreateAttachmentFromString(html.ToString(), ct);
a.ContentDisposition.FileName = "Test.xls";

Am I missing something in this snippet?

Thanks in advance for the help,

thanks inadvance for the help .
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If I understand the problem properly, everything is right.

You attach a text (html) content but indicate that this content is MS Excel file. But this is not correct!
The code Attachment.CreateAttachmentFromString(html.ToString(), ct)  does not generate an excel file.
Of course when you are trying to open this text as an xls file it produces an error.


thanks anarki_jimbel.

The file does actually open and render correctly. So, what I really should have asked was can excel render html without giving this message. Which the answer appears to be - no. Or at least, I couldn't find a solution after a day of digging. I used openXML to generate the spreadsheet I want which works wonders (and only took me a couple of hours.)

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