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Including text from another cell in a formula

I have the following formula in a cell

=IF(AND(D17="X",F17="",H17="",J17="",L17=""),"Who is the "&E17&" of "&Q8&" and we are valuing ",IF(AND(D17="",F17="X",H17="",J17="",L17=""),"Who is a "&G17&" in "&Q8&" and we are valuing ",IF(AND(D17="",F17="",H17="X",J17="",L17=""),"Who is a "&I17&" in "&Q8&" and we are valuing ",IF(AND(D17="",F17="",H17="",J17="X",L17=""),"Who is an "&K17&" of "&Q8&" and we are valuing ",IF(AND(D17="",F17="",H17="",J17="",L17="X"),"Who is a "&M17&" of "&Q8&" and we are valuing","")))))

and I want to add the text contents of cell AA18 after each phrase ...we are valuing.... I have included the worksheet. Thanks in advance. (For those of you who are following my progress, the tumor has shrunk by 50% and we are only 25% through the Proton Therapy. They are carving this thing up like a Christmas turkey! Chemo is hell but I still have my hair.)
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