Accessing files from a location thru a WEB application.

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In line with not having too much experience with WEB development. I have a challenge, which I hope is not for you experts. I need to allow users to access files from a web applications, however those files are not stored within site folder on the web server. Can anyone explain how to reference those attachments.

I used the href tag, but it seems to always try to access files whose path is relative to the root folder of the site.

Thank you.
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bbaoIT Consultant

> those files are not stored within site folder on the web server.

where are the files stored?
Darren ReederSchool IT Technician

Follow this video

You want to mount the Folder which you are trying to access inside of the server Folder (the root of the server folder).

I think this should work!
Web Ninja at large
simply create a virtual folder in your site (in IIS) that maps to wherever the files are, then, in your code, simply reference that folder like you would any other folder in your site


A great simple suggestion that help me further with my project.

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