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We are trying to decide to go with Zoho or Salesforce. Zoho is pennies compared to the estimate from Salesforce. My big question is-- is Zoho adequate enough?

If we go with Zoho, we will be partnering with programmer who will be build some custom modification for us. Other than a few modifications, we do not have very many unique needs.

Any input to experience with either would be great. Thanks!
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No one can answer that question without knowing what you consider "adequate".

What are your business reasons for considering the purchase? What business problems are you trying to solve with this purchase? What are you using now, and what are the pros and cons of that method? What would Zoho or Salesforce do for you that your current system does not?

Those are the sorts of questions YOU need to answer before you can begin to compare other solutions.
I agree with Scott - how do you define "adequate enough"?

When our clients want to answer this kind of question, we do a requirements assessment project, where we:

- interview the key users at length to discover what they really need
- ask about possible future requirements
- evaluate existing systems' features in detail - not just the sales pitch or marketing material
- build a "fit list" to show which systems meet the requirements and where they fall short
- show features that the systems have that they *don't* need (unnecessary complexity)

There's almost never a perfect fit with a SaaS or package system.  It's all compromises of features and cost.  Sometimes the best answer is a custom-built system, but that's not usually the case with relatively generic needs like accounting or CRM.

Of course the assessment effort itself takes time, experience and money.

Hope this helps,
Armen Stein
J Street Technology

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