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Sort Text Date from SQL Server Table Column

Hello All;
I have a Table.Field named PageList
               select PageList from TheList
Inside of this Field, is / separated word sets, with dates on them.
File_Date_(Jan_21,_1976) / File_Date_(Mar_18,_1996) / File_Date_(Jan_22,_1983) / File_Date_(Jan_20,_1983) / File_Date_(Jan_14,_1976) / File_Date_(Jan_18,_1979) / File_Date_(Dec_18,_1979)

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I need the output, to be like this. (They are going to be wrapped inside of a BBCode Table Schema)

70s goes here
       76 goes here

79 goes here

80s goes here
       83 goes here

90s goes here
       96 goes here

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This is going to be the default look, pretty much.
The Date will be wrapped in the parenthesis, and will also have an underscore,
and as you can see, it also has a comma, at the end of the day.

I am trying to make this as simple as possible, as we have 1,000's of pages that are going to be updated on a regular basis, and without having these ordered, and within a decent generated code structure, it is going to be very time-consuming, to say the least.

Any idea's on this one?
I know it is not going to be a simple one.
Hopefully, I have provided enough information, to get going on it.

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