How to access a cell in Datasheet in VBA Access

I have a form with a subform which displays a datasheet. This datasheet has a DATES column and I need to pass the first row data (in this case 28 of Feb 2016  as a parameter in the button SEGURO HOY. No clue on how to address this cell and to pass it on in the click event.
Thank you for any help... Screen.jpeg
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There are no "cells" in Access, there are records. You can get value from selected record by name of field (column)
In code of your button you can use Me.DATES to get value from selected (in picture it is first) record
mpimAuthor Commented:
Thank you but the problem is that I'm using a filter and hence ME.Dates gets me only the first record in the table but not the first record displayed in the mask after applying the filter.....
You should select this record (you can do it with code also) and then Me.Dates will give you value from selected record
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mpimAuthor Commented:
Sorry not sure how to select the first record of the active datasheet (without having going thru the trouble to use RecordSet etc).?
Look at sample. If your form is different, upload sample DB with this form and related tables (remove any sensitive data)

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mpimAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much - this has been unbelievable helpful!    Cheers Michael
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