windows 10 home - user, group removal, disappears?

Hello experts.  I've honestly not done much to get on the windows 10 bandwagon, while over the last few days had to work on a win 10, not pro, but Home edition issue.  The last thing I did was create a admin user(local) and then remove the home user from the administrators group. Once they logged off and logged back in  and even rebooted, discovered the non admin user was no longer showing as an option to switch to.  Once i added them back to the administrators group, which I dont want them to be an admin, they had it avaialable again.  

What's MS doing on windows 10 and home edition that is causing this?  How do i make the user a non admin and still be able to see it as an option to switch to with all original files/settings still there?  

Thank you.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Go to Control Panel, User Accounts and let us know what you see there. Home is notably defective when it comes to tools that Pro has.
dee30Author Commented:
Hello... I did all normal things an advanced nw person would do.  User lusrmgr.made isn't allowed it seems and have to maintain users from new user access screen or something. I read some local  secpol things but not quite related to this scenario.  So, again, I added usr back to admin local group all from command prompt. ???
dee30Author Commented:
Oops meant.. lusrmgr.msc
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
First try the Control Panel route. Then also try Right Click on Computer and select Manage. Can you see Users and Groups in Manage. I cannot remember for Home - I never use Home.
dee30Author Commented:
Navigating any of  those ways does not provide access to the conventional users and groups screen.  It is not there, ie lusrmgr.msc produces the message, not available on this version.  Thx I'll keep googling and await some additional feedback.  If none will request post be closed. Thx for effort.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I think you will find that what you want is not available in Home.
The snapin (.msc file) "local users and Groups" is not available in 10 home (nor in previous home versions of windows).

It could be, that the account is hidden like shown here - you can revert the Actions and unhide it. Just a guess.

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dee30Author Commented:
Thank you Mcknife.  I will look into these reg changes in the future on the machine.  LIke i said i just added her original user back in the admin group too(not ideal) in order to get her access again/back the way she was, but ultimately would like to figure this out.  Thank you.
dee30Author Commented:
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