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HP ProLiant DL180 G9 - Will not boot from RAID Logical Volume


New to HP Proliant.

DL180 G9 with embedded B140i and Smart Array P440 with 2 x 1TB HP HDDs SATA in RAID-1
Boot Mode is UEFI

I have installed a Win2008R2 image onto the logical RAID-1 volume by booting my imaging software from CD-ROM (Terabyte's Image for Linux) using the F11 Boot Options key.  The imaging goes in fine.  However, when I then try to boot from the Smart Array P440  (having moved it to the top device to boot from in Boot Options), the server keeps trying to boot from the HP Ethernet  ("Booting embedded LOM 1 Port 1 : HP Ethernet .....").

I just cannot get it to try booting from the logical RAID-1 volume on the Smart Array P440.

Note that the Win2008 R2 image has the drivers for the P440 Smart Array already installed.

Any ideas anyone ?

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