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asa5505 windows update not downloading

hi ive configured out of the box asa5505 & downloaded some windows updates that i set for me to select what updates i want installed.

win 7:

- but in this case after installing the initial updates detected for new install win 7 windows update also detected sp1

- after installing sp1 i then downloaded & installed ie11 successfully

- after installing ie11 win 7 eventually detected recommendes updates as usual & optional updates so i decided to install optional updates at the same time successfully

asa5505 config:

- set ip spoofing
- prevented fragmented packets
- set for intrusion prevention service

Continued win 7:

question 1.  after restart of machine  i then checked for more windows updates which showed a stop error which i then ran troubleshooter to fix but unsuccessful.  i then viewed that my win updates stated updates downloaded or checked was set as never wondering why ?

- win 7 stills receives internet successfully.


- ive removed the above asa5505 configuration additions thinking this would resolve my issue but it did not.

- ive now decided to delete most of the updates individually leaving only the '.net' type

-after a reboot my machine has now decided to detected updates for office 2010 updates detected still.

- after reinstalling win 7 clean i was able to still receive windows updates even with the above asa config added but eventually my win 7 states that in order to detect more windows updates i must download the windows update but for some reason 2 hrs later it still is searching..!!!

question 1.  do i need to add a specific acl to allow the detection of windows updates which appears to detect multiple addresses but access is denied according to my syslog ?
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