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James Coats
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I am working on a custom Tab for the Customer page in this DB. I am getting an error that I am stuck on. It references code that is there but doesn't seem to see it.

The page crashes when opened.

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you have two functions with the same name in the form "frmCustomers" module

Private Function ShowLots()
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmLots", acNormal, "", "[fldOwnerID]=" & [fldCustomerID]
End Function

Private Function ShowLots()

    Dim varX As Variant
    varX = DLookup("fldOwnerID", "tblLots", "fldOwnerID = " & Me.fldCustomerID)
    If IsNull(varX) Then
        MsgBox "This Customer does not own a lot."
        DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCustomerLots", acViewPreview
        DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdZoom150

  End If

End Function

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VBA IDE has a debugger that should have picked this up. Debug > Compile
James CoatsComputer Info. Sys. Student


This solved one problem but now I have another. I will work some more on this tomorrow. Thanks for the assistance.

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