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Hosting WEB Pages

I'm a ASP.NET programmer.  I have created lots of ASP.NET pages.   But I lack knowledge and expertise on hosting WEB pages.  My employer uses IIS and I understand that IIS hosts ASP.NET pages.  I am also aware Apache.    Questions:

How many different platforms exist for hosting WEB Pages?
Does IIS only host Microsoft ASP pages?
If I wanted to have a WEB site for my business, can I use something like GoDaddy?
Does GoDaddy host page types other than ASP?
What other companies like GoDaddy could I look at for hosting pages for a small business?  
Since I am familiar with Visual Studio and .NET, what add-ons are there for creating WEB pages that do the upfront work of building templates using CSS?

Bottom line - I want to create a set of pages for my small business and I'm looking for options on how to do this.

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