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Safely dismounting TruCrypt volumes and safely removing USB external drive in Windows 10

We use an external drive with a TrueCrypt volume (used for backups).  We have noticed recently that when dismounting it gives us a "Volume contains files or folders being used by applications or system" "Force dismount?".

We use Cobian Backup to backup our data to the TC drive.  When this message appears, we just exit the apps and sometimes remove it from memory and done it works.  But this time, that didn't work.

We have googled the problems and in some cases it says that it is Windows Indexing that is causing the problem.  We disabled it, and still problem.

Another finding is setting the drive policy to "Quick Removal", which we already had setup from the start.

Based on our findings, we are understand that even though the message appear, we can remove without problem.

Please advice possible cause & proper steps to follow to resolve it.
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