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Printer issues making me nuts

I am probably a mid-level tech with computers and rarely have an issue with printers, but I need some help with this one.  I have a Lexmark Pro915 inkjet.  One day (after a Win 10 update, don't know which one) my printer started developing problems.  Simple docs, spreadsheets, web printing, all normal stuff starting taking too long to print or not printing at all.  I re-installed the drivers with no luck.  I went to the Lexmark site to download new drivers, then deleted the printers in devices and started fresh.  Once the drivers were installed the matters got worse.  I contacted Lexmark to find out that they were having "issues" with their site and the driver I installed was incorrect.  They gave me the link to the new driver and I again deleted printers and started over.  Now it appeared to be correctly installed, but as I have been printing various things it still comes up as a communication error, but then spools ever so slowly and finally prints the page, but with difficulty.  Sometimes it prints fine, most times it does not.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I have restarted the computer several times and re-installed the printer 4 times and nothing seems to make it work as quickly and perfectly as before.  I am not skilled enough to drill down into the arcane settings for these things and try to change things, so I need instructions on what to do.  Thanks.

Running Windows 10
500GB Samsung SSD
nVidia GTX980ti vid card
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