How to allow a public IP to connect to Port on SonicWall NSA 2600

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I have a consultant that needs to connect to a server via RDP on our network on a regular basis. A VPN solution will not work so I created a port on the SonicWall and made a NAT that forwarded the request onto the RDP connection on the server. That works fine but I have to open and close the port on the firewall each time they want to connect to the server. I would like to make it where only the consultants public IP has access to that port so that I don't have to open and close the NAT rule everytime they want to connect.

How can I configure the firewall to allow only that public IP to connect to the forwarding port on the SonicWall?
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Wan->lan make a rule to allow from the consultants ip
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In asking I assume that your consultant has a static public IP. The first step is creating an address object that is his IP. Second step is to modify the firewall rule allowing the connection to the system you specified, and changing the source from All to whatever you named the new address object.

Once you have done those two steps, you will be all set.

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