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Re-sizing VMDK

How safe is to re-size over provisioned VMDK, specially the disk involving Exchange database partition. On my environment vmdk is carved out of netapps ISCSI lun. But my exchange is over provisioned with 1 TB when the database file is only using 300 gb.
I have primary Exchange virtual server hosted on ESX and secondary physical server as DAG /HA member member. I wanted to reduce size of disk to match physical DAG member 830 GB. Would shrinking cause issue with DAG or replication or database?
As Vmware article it sounds safe but I dont know how exchange DB and log on DAG going react to that change.
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Shrink volume looks like better option as v2v in my case would be tricky, as I have cluster CNO setup with DAG? I would have to verify with MS about how exchange database replication is able to handle shrink volume from diskmgmt. If I have to drain all services to passive node before shrinking is initiated.
If it could cause issue on database on replication then I may have to leave the over-provisioned disk and may have to re-purpose for low IO backup   or make a repository of ISO files for something.