bad flash

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hello  - i have an ECS board model MCP73VT-PM with a bad flash
this board has a controller/bios chip model IT8718F-S which incorporates most controllers + bios
however this seems to be a serial flash as you see here
can anybody help getting this on the road?
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer
Unfortunately your BIOS seems to be soldered to the Motherboard so i don't see any easy way to reflash-recovery your BIOS..
It is better either to upgrade your whole rig to a newer one or try to find a 2nd motherboard
Top Expert 2013


john - that i already knew - probably before you were born (lol)
it is just out of interest/learning perspective - the board is since long written off
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

I am afraid is almost next to impossible to be younger than me...:)
The only way you could get this board reprogrammed it would through a rather tedious procedure like removing it from the motherboard using a heatgun...finding the appropriate chip to reprogram and then resoldering ...or if you are a soldering genious you could solder the pins of the BIOS chips and create a cable to connect it to an EEPROM programmer
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john - with all respect - that is no answer for me
as i said all these off theshelf answers  iknow - been there, done that
i am only looking for real help, links and methods
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems Engineer

Aha something like a dedicated center for hardware repairs...this i can't help...
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and Consultant

How come you have so much bad flashed boards?!
You work in a laptop repair shop? lol

1. Please give me the links to the product page. (Also the page of your screenshot above)
2. Please tell me the condition of the board?
3. What happened to it exactly? (What makes you believe it's because of bad flash?)
4. Have you done proper procedure of CMOS clear?
5. What does it do if you turn it on?
6. Is it an OEM board (probably Packard Bell) or stand alone (Probably bought)?

(Did you flash it with ECS rom files or oem Packard Bell roms?)
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by trying the sriker extreme flash - i remebered i had another lying around, and told my self - nothing to loose - and much to learn
1 - no exact product page, it has been used in a  Packard Bell DV100
2- condition was ok before the flash
3-flash then you can only turn it on (fans running) -after a couple of seconds it stops
4- sure; it's not the first time a flash a board (done 10-20 flashes - maybe more)
5-see 3
6 correct PB

can't remember which rom files, maybe i can find it back in my archives
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and Consultant
Oh no!
This is one of those cases that it turns of itself immediately! (face palm)
index.jpgI hope the board has recovery jumper. Read this.

This is the second and last procedure that may help:

1. Download the latest version of your BIOS from your computer or motherboard manufacturer’s support site. (Be sure to download the Packard Bell Bios not the ECS one)
2. Download the AMI tool from here.
3. Then load your bios update file into the software. It gives you the correct name for the bios file.
Then rename the bios file to that given name.
4. Put the file on the floppy disk.
5. Copy the file to a USB flashdrive as a last resort if the floppy fails. first try floppy.
6. Insert the floppy disk into the floppy drive.
7. Turn on the system.
8. The system should automatically access the floppy drive (indicator LED will light up). If no floppy access occurs, press Home (maybe repeatedly)  to force update. Follow any on-screen instructions to restore the good BIOS from the floppy disk.
9. When the computer beeps four (4) times or a reboot prompt is displayed, you may remove the floppy disk.
10. Restart the computer.

(If above way fails rename the downloaded file to AMIBOOT.ROM and try again)

As a last resort you can see if the bios is socketed or soldered and replace it if possible.

Good luck
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and Consultant

Look for the floppy/usb flsh drive blink. if it does blink, there may be hope.
Note: Only the BIOS file is needed. For AMI BIOS recovery, the floppy disk does not have to be bootable and no flash utility is required. This procedure is also applicable with USB drives on most newer systems that use AMI.

Also looking at your board confirm that it's an AMI bios. (American Megatrends Inc)
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>>  This is one of those cases that it turns of itself immediately!  <<  what do you mean?

in the mean time, i'll try all your options - and post back

first observation : no floppy connector on board ! !
note : i really enjoy doing this, even if nothing helps; i Always lear bits and pieces
i'll also inspect the chip for shorts
IT Manager and Consultant
"what do you mean?"
These motherboards are really hard to deal with, usually won't recover :D

"no floppy connector on board ! ! "
Try connecting a USB-Floppy drive.
Otherwise try USB flash drive (which may not be applicable based on the age of your mobo).
Top Expert 2013


ok i'll try that -and thanks

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