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What is actually required to connect an AppleTV to a smartboard in order to mirror Ipads ? I gather I would need a HDMI to VGA converter box is that correct ?
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William WestlakeDomain Administrator

yes... but make sure you get an active adapter not passive!
Yes that's correct you need a box (active, as William told you). But to be more specific: there is no such thing as a passive adapter between HDMI and VGA, because HDMI is digital technology and VGA is analogical technology, so it's just not enough to reorganise the pins, it must be a logical part which can be able to convert signals.

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Matt DaviesSenior Support Engineer
Depending on the model of Apple TV you may need an HDMI adapter with an audio output if you want sound as well as picture.
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Thanks guys. I gather that Apple TV cannot be configured with proxy settings unless you use Apple Configurator, is that correct ?
Qian BaoTechnical Specialist
Regarding to proxy settings on Apple TV
Director of Solutions Consulting
You have a PC/Mac connected to the smart board right? Just run airserver

I've done this with iPads and a smartboard and used the smart software to screenshot and annotate, and webex to broadcast an iPad screen mirror to an online meeting.

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