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Hello Experts,
we have a client with a file server 2003 , they currently have a system state backup but would like to take the files and folders offsite on a rotation. They recently requested the following: "They would like a backup cycle so that they would keep weekly backups for 5 weeks, and monthly backups for 3 months.  They could cycle through backup drives, changing them once per week, to ensure that they capture full backups each week.  Last week of the month, they disconnect this drive and store as a monthly backup for 3 months before overwriting.  This will give them options for restore points if ever they are hacked"
My Questions are , what software should we be looking at, considering if the backup is of flat files should we always do a full backup and not incremental.
any particluar software we should use (ie robocopy)?
How many drives would we need ?
and... could you help clarify what the rotation plan would look like?

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This sounds like something we used to do in the year 2003...
For file level backup I use the following:
Local Backup:
One external drive for each day of the week
Full backup on each drive. Backup changed files every day or even several times a day
Keep three to five versions of each file
Cloud backup(Azure, Amazon etc.):
One full backup with three to five versions of each file
Additional cloud backups as needed
Cloud backups on different providers, as needed

Almost any software can do this, I like the simple ones like SyncBack and CloudBerry
File on backup devices/services should always be encrypted.
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i would buy 2 NAS and use both on a daily rotation backup cycle...Cobian Backup works great for folder/file backup...with a lot scheduling options
About the cycle:
Daily (example) : 17:00 backup to NAS1  -- 23:00 Backup to NAS 2


Thanks experts

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