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How do I Change "From" field in Word-Excel Mail Merge

Using Microsoft Word, I completed Mail merge. The recipient list is in Excel sheet. When I started Mail Merge e -mail I can not change "From" field. Could "word mail merge from field" be changed without changing outlook mail account. And Can I use On behalf of with the Word mail merge?
Thank you
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Top Expert 2016

No You can't but you can go to Outlook click
Send/Receive Preferences / Work Offline

Create your mailmerge the mails will stay in the Outbox
Select the Files you want to Change

then use this code in Word (Change the On behalf Name with correct spelling,be sure to have the rights to do it)
Sub FromAnotherUser()

Dim olItem As Object
Dim olApp As Object
Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Dim strSentOnBehalfOf As String
Dim Res As Integer

strSentOnBehalfOf = "onBehalfName" ' Change this

If olApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub
If olApp.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder = "Outbox" Then
    Res = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to change the sender of the message(s)", vbYesNoCancel, "Change Sender?")
    If Res = vbYes Then
        For Each olItem In olApp.ActiveExplorer.Selection
            If olItem.Class = 43 Then ' olMail
                olItem.SentOnBehalfOfName = strSentOnBehalfOf
                olItem.Send ' If working offline it won't send yet
            End If
        Set olItem = Nothing
        End If
    End If
 Set olApp = Nothing
 End Sub

Open in new window

and the reclick Work Offline to send the mails



Hi Rgonzo1971,
You say "then use this code in Word "
I have not use any code so far. Could you please tell me where can i use the code in word?
Thank You
Top Expert 2016

Maybe you could change manually in the outbox the send on behalf if you not sure with the code

for the code
Copy the code
Open a Word Document
Press Alt + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor (VBE).
From the Menu, choose Insert-Module.
Paste the code into the right-hand code window.
Close the VBE, save the file if desired.
Goto View Macros Macros View Macros
Choose FromAnotherUser
and Click Run

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