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Cannot access WEB Site from in-house after move to outside hosting

We have a Windows domain setup with Google DNS set as a forwarder on our DC's.   Yesterday we moved our WEB site in which we hosted in-house, to an outside vendor.  DNS changes were made last night and we can access the WEB site from outside our network.
This morning I removed the "www" record that was configured on our DC forward lookup zone.  We still host emails in-house so, records still exist for our domain "company.org" internally on our DC's.  Those are "mail" and "autodiscover".

When I perform an nslookup on "company.org" it points internally.  An nslookup on "www.company.org" doesn't return an address.
Changing the nslookup server to "" and again performing the queries returns the correct response.  So, problem is definitely the internal DNS setup.  Tried to clear and flush DNS cache.  No host files exist.

Thinking that I should remove "company.org" zone from internal DNS zone even though there are only A records for "mail" and "autodiscover"?
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