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Excel time

Im trying to convert a set of values from an integer number to Excel time, but cant figure out the conversion.

In Excel I have a value which is stored as '42403.4287037037', which if I use Excel to convert it then it outputs '03/02/2016  10:17:20' which is right, however I need to keep in in the '42403.4287037037' and also convert a date into 'whatever' to get times between times, so I cannot convert the number to date/time in a whole.

I thought it was an EPOCH time, however it has a decimal place in, and if use a convertor such as http://www.epochconverter.com/ the value 42403.4287037037 returns "Thu, 09 Jun 1983 19:18:07" which is completely different.

Anyone have any idea what this value is and how to convert to/from it?
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