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Access 2010 Update querie SQL statement to add more fields.

Hello,  I am updating a "Computers" table from and "UpdateLap" table.  I found the SQL statement needed to update 1 field at a time, but could use some help to add more fields to the statement.  I currently am using:

UPDATE UpdateLap INNER JOIN Computers ON UpdateLap.Users = Computers.Users SET Computers.Memory = [UpdateLap].[Memory];

I would like to add fields from "UpdateLap" to the "Computers" table.  the fields would be like

Computers.Description = UpdateLap.Description.   And Computers.[Machine Type] = UpdateLap.[MA Type].  And so on.  I am not sure of the syntax to add more fields.  Any help would certainly help with time, instead of doing each one individually.  

Your help is very much appreciated.
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get-ADuser -F ($_.Name -eq "Todd")

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