Transferring a Users My Documents to Another User

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All of my users My Documents are redirected using a Group Policy on Windows Server 2012.  The redirection works great and I have no problems.  However, we had an employee recently leave the company and I need to give this person's files to another user.  What is the best way to do this?

If I am not mistaken, I cannot simply go onto the server and cut & paste the files from one person's folder to another as the new user will not have the proper permissions at the folder / file level since those folders / files were originally created by the old employee.  

I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!
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Systems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)
i would just copy and paste the files and folders and then replace all permissions with new users permissions.

under folder properties go to security and then advanced..
click change permissions and then replace all child object...

Matt MinorTechnical Systems Analyst
I tend to do it as follows:

- Grant the target user permissions to the previous employee folder (using procedure DirkMare indicated above)
- Create a shortcut to the old user's folder on the target user's profile.

- Avoids duplicating data.
- Improved organization for the target user inheriting all of this information.

Potential Issue:
- If your organization must product file-audit reports, this method makes it appear as though there is activity in the departed user's folder. Simple investigation would reveal the cause, but still something to consider.

Just my preference. DirkMare's solution is %100 effective as well.

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